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Govinda's Krishna Temple

Top Floor, 83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Govinda's Krishna Temple is a centre for Eastern Philosophy, Krishna Consciousness, Spirituality, Meditation and Bhakti Yoga situated in the heart of Dublin City. The Temple is located above Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant on Middle Abbey Street, just four doors from O'Connell Street and a minute's walk from the GPO.

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Upcoming Evening Classes See     

Eastern Philosophy - presentations and discussions open to one and all                           

Kirtan - sacred chant music sessions. Now available in Dublin for beginners

Who is the Temple for?

The purpose of the Temple is to serve as a hub of spirituality for everyone in Dublin, regardless of their faith beliefs, nationality, sex or skin colour. Our classes are inspired by the Vedic texts of India, which were written down in the Sanskrit language 5000 years ago. The Vedas promote non-sectarian spiritual principals relevant to each and every human being.



Govindas Kirtan Centre


What is the Sanskrit language?

Sanskrit is a very ancient and advanced language used in India millennia ago. Many believe that it can be seen as a Mother language from which many modern languages have descended. In the modern day, we are familiar with Sanskrit words such as karma, mantra, yoga, guru, chakra, mandala, swami, and the name 'Buddha' comes from the root 'budh', to understand, to know.

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan, or Kirtan Yoga, is a system of meditation through music. The participants sing together simple and uplifting mantras accompanied by rhythmic drum beats, the tinkle of brass hand-cymbals and the harmonium, a melodic reed instrument. The whole experience is very enlivening on many different levels. Don't worry if you're not used to singing - at first you can just listen if you're too shy to open your mouth!


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Questions and Answers about Govinda, philosophy, ISKCON, Krishna etc.

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 Above - Radha and Govinda. This art is based on descriptions found in ancient Vedic texts, the Sanskrit writings that inspired Buddhism and Hinduism. Krishna (Govinda) on the left is seen as the Absolute and the original male, and his consort Radha is seen as the feminine aspect of God.